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SSBB two cents

2007-07-22 09:55:33 by Soniccritic

As soniccritic, I obviously want sonic, tails, knuckles, and shadow in the next Super Smash Bros., but another thing that would be great for Smash is online play. Think about it, eight-player matches, online tournaments, online rankings, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, because if Nintendo makes SSBB an online game, they will probably want to add some all new features. Anyhow, Brawl looks like fun, whether or not it has Sonic characters or online play.

I would have stopped there, but wanted to say how awesome it would be if within a year of Brawl's release, a Super Smash Bros. game would be available to the DS. Heck, they wouldn't need all the characters as Brawl, or even Melee, to make it a great game. A great kick start, though would be Wi-Fi connectivity.

Now to the part that I would like comments about, and it has an obvious question, and two not so obvious ones:

1. Would you enjoy sonic characters in Brawl? If so, what should some of their moves be?
2. What other characters should be brought to brawl?
3. If Brawl is released as an online game, what are some good ideas for exclusive online features?


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2007-07-27 07:43:58

I myself WOULD put sonic in as an unlockable, but i don't think its gonna happen. All of his moves should should be speed related, put as B-Left/Right, that little speedball thing, and say B-Up would be Speed break from Sonic and the secret rings, and B-Down could be that little barrage thing he does in " Not Another Sprite Fight"

As for other charachters, they have quite a few already, i dont think they need anymore, if you look on Google, search "Super Smash Bros Brawl Roster" in images, you'll find some crazy ones.

Online would be good. Maybe make a Team/Clan feature.That would be pretty good.

I pre-ordered it so I will let you know. Visit my page to share your " Trial Roster"


2007-10-20 02:42:45

Sonic IS in brawl, for undeniable proof, go to


2007-12-17 18:56:45

Sonic is in Brawl, but none of the other Sonic characters will be playable. Each third-party is allowed 1 character playable.