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Entry #5


2008-09-09 00:03:29 by Soniccritic

Time to fess up: as of now, I suck. It is probable that I will always suck, and while a new desire has come to me to make more flash, don't be surprised if I never finish any. That "epic" flash I was going to make: total overstatement, and I will probably never get to it. I am nothing special. I will never be anything big on newgrounds. I have typed dumb stuff that I wish I hadn't. You guys probably don't care and I understand.

P.S. That was not for sympathy. I'm good with the facts and really just wanted to speak the obvious truth for once.


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2008-09-09 00:33:02

thats nice

Soniccritic responds:

Here's a good example


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